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Kiwi IRC

Kiwi IRC 0.9.3 updated

Kiwi IRC runs on Node.js and can be used as a way to get in contact with your clients and provide support for your services and products.Once installed the client can easily be embedded on other sites via an iframe, or it can be run as a standalone...


CometChat 5.6.0 updated

CometChat is a professional online chat script that can be easily added to any website and enable site users to talk to each other or with the site owner.It can be used for providing a real-time customer support system, but it can also be used just for...

Apache OpenMeetings

Apache OpenMeetings 3.0.6 updated

Apache OpenMeetings is a toolkit designed for businesses at first, ideal for holding video conferences, meetings, or brainstorming sessions via your browsers from different locations around the Globe. Open Meetings does not only work like a basic chat...

jQuery Chat

jQuery Chat 1.2.1

jQuery Chat allows developers to add a fully-working chat room on top of their site.The chat appears as a bar at the bottom of the page, where a chat window will show all users connected to the current page/website.Users can click on another person's name...

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FreiChat 10.0

FreiChat is a PHP and MySQL system for talking with your friends online.It can be embedded on any page and will allow users to have discussions with their friends right on top of a public Web page.FreiChat can be used from simple project collaboration or...

iFlyChat PHP Client

iFlyChat PHP Client 1.2.2 updated

The iFlyChat PHP client actually embeds a chat system powered by the iFlyChat service. Once activated and properly configured, it will allow users accessing the website to communicate with its owner or with each other. iFlychat-powered chat rooms can also...


AJAX Chat 0.8.7

AJAX Chat allows users to register and login into a chat room channel and have discussions with other users across the Web.This script is ideal for any online community, and can be a real utility for customer support centers, allowing them to solve client...


MogoChat 0.0.1

While there are hundreds of PHP-based chat scripts available for free online, MogoChat was coded using more recent & modern technologies like Elixir, PostgreSQL, Ember.js, and CoffeeScript. This gives it an uniqueness of its own, and a fresh air that...

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Converse.js 0.9.5 updated

Converse.js can be added on top of any existing website, regardless of its platform, and provide a way for webmasters to talk to their site visitors.The entire chat system uses a  (public or private) XMPP/Jabber server underneath the hood, relaying...