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Key Codes

Key Codes 2.0.1

Key Codes is a little utility that displays the key code, unicode value, and modifier keys state for any key combination you press. If you're a developer, this might be useful to you.What is new in this release:Prepared for upcoming Gatekeeper...

ECMerge Pro

ECMerge Pro 2.5 build 200

ECMerge compares and merges local, FTP, SFTP or SCC repositories data, as text, images, binary files and folders. It compares side-by-side and 3-way. It is designed to make you work with multiple revisions of text files with ease and to keep multiple...

Aqua Data Server

Aqua Data Server 16.0.0 updated

Aqua Data Server is a specialized application server designed to build and deploy production-quality, visually compelling database and reporting applications quickly and easily. Aqua Data Server includes enterprise role-based security ready for deployment...