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Sachesi 2.0.3

Sachesi is a free, open source, and cross-platform tool that allows owners of Blackberry 10 devices to search, extract, backup, as well as to install firmware on their mobile phones directly from the desktop environment of their operating systems. The...

RoundCube Webmail

RoundCube Webmail 1.3.4 updated

RoundCube Webmail is a platform-independent, web-based, freely distributed, feature-rich and open source application that has been designed from the offset to act as a browser-based webmail client or IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) client. It is...


GFeedLine 2.4.6 updated

GFeedLine is an open source, simple and easy to use software project that has been designed from the ground up to act as a social networking client on GNU/Linux operating systems. Supports Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr At the moment, the application has...

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blueMail 1.3

blueMail is a multi-format offline mail reader for Unix, DOS, Win32, and other systems.It supports the Blue Wave, QWK, QWKE, SOUP, OMEN and Hippo packet formats, the Hudson and BBBS Message Bases, Unix mail, Eudora and is designed to be a reasonable...


SNEP 3.01 updated

SNEP is an open source, free and platform-independent telephony software implemented in PHP and designed from the ground up to act as a web-based interface for the widely used and powerful Asterisk PBX (Private Branch Exchange) software. It features high...


SFLphone 1.3.0

SFLphone is an open source Voice over IP telephony software.Voice over IP tends to be part of more and more corporate (and home) networks today.Features:SIP and STUN support; OSS and ALSA (since 0.3) audio devices support; Skinned GUI; G711u, G711a PCM,...

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Tox 1.0

Tox is a multi-platform, completely free, ad free and open source software project designed from the ground up to act as a very secure instant messenger client for GNU/Linux, Android, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.It protects...


Minicom 2.7

Minicom is a completely free and open source command-line software project implemented in C and designed from the offset to act as a clone of the well-known Telix application created only for the Microsoft Windows (MS-DOS) operating systems.Emulates VT102...