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Phonevite 1.0

Phonevite is a simple way to send announcements and reminders over the phone, in your own voice. Phonevite makes it easy for you to communicate with many people at once, saving you time and money. Phoneviteuses the latest in Web and Voice over Internet...


FlyTunes 1.0

FlyTunes offers you a music experience thats better than satellite radio, with thousands of high quality music channels that you can personalize and enjoy on your iPhone any time, anywhere you go, without limitations, and without...


FriendVox 1.0

FriendVox is a integrated, browser based Facebook instant-messaging client. There's nothing to download, nothing to install and nothing to register. You don't have to even invite your friends. They are already there waiting for you. It groups your friends...

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TelID 1.0

Local businesses have learned that having a Web site can help them grow and operate more efficiently, but potential consumers to difficult-to-find sites may end up frustrated. TelID avoids this problem by creating a Web "phone number" than any user can...

AOL Mail

AOL Mail 1.0

AOL Mail offers a free e-mail client that lets you easily view your messages, Buddy List, contacts, calendar, pictures and more--without ever leaving your email inbox. AOL Mail puts it all on one page so everything you need is just a click away. AOL Mail...


Imo.im 1.0

IMO is a Web based instant messaging service where you can instant message your friends on AIM, Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger. It will also display buddy lists and your buddies' away messages and status, and keeps them separated through the...


Postalz 1.0

Postalz is an online service that lets you communicate with friends and family using postcards. It is similar to email, but better suited for occasions when just text is just not good enough. Using Postalz, you can create postcards with text, art, photo...

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24im 1.0

24im is a free, hosted enterprise instant messaging service for small to medium-sized businesses. Features include web client or desktop client, role-based administration, unlimited chat rooms, and encrypted...