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Shumway 0.7.0

Shumway was created using HTML 5 technology as an alternative method of displaying Flash content without having Flash installed locally.This means SWF files can be embedded via Shumway and they'll render properly without relying on any Adobe native...

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HHVM 3.7.1 updated

PHP is natively compiled when executed. HHVM changes this by compiling PHP code at runtime.This improves performance and speeds up PHP-based applications. Just what's needed for high-traffic servers, like the ones Facebook has to deal with on a daily...


HAML 4.0.7 / 4.1.0.beta.1 updated

HAML stands for HTML Abstraction Markup Language. HAML was created for Ruby developers with the intent of providing a faster way of writing HTML code in one go. It's not only a very complex, yet simple to read markup language, but a compiler at the...


Pint 0.2.1

Pint is basically Grunt.js with support for asynchronous operations, independent tasks, dependency-aware builds, and a much better organized file structure.Pint will automatically handle project dependencies for the developer, so he won't have to closely...

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CL-JavaScript 0.12.03

CL-JavaScript allows developers to add scripts to Common Lisp applications.It is to Common List as JavaScript is to HTML. CL-JavaScript is actually a JavaScript to Common Lisp translator, runtime, and standard library.The Lisp compiler takes JavaScript...


gulp.js 3.9.0 updated

gulp.js uses special files known as gulpfiles that can be used to enqueue and automate a series of operations.Executing a gulpfile will run all those operations in a quick succession, sparing the developer the time needed to run those tasks by hand, one...