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Addressix 1.4.10

Envelope printing utility. It remembers printer settings so you can't forget to use manual feed, auto-completes addresses, and prints bar codes for automated sorting. It accepts vCards or Address Book entries, and integrates the Address Book. Can print to...


BitPal 3.7.9

iCal/Outlook syncing made easy. BitPal is an Address Book, Shopping List, Calendar, and To Do task manager. It's really nicely designed and easy to use. And it's designed to be mobile. With full syncing, it works great for people who use both Macs and...


BlueService 1.4.1

This service sends selected plain or rich text of Cocoa applications (e.g. Textedit, Mail, Stickies, Notes, ProjectBuilder, Fire, OmniWeb or TeXShop) and of Carbon applications supporting services to BlueTooth devices supporting OBEX Object Push or OBEX...

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BT-AT 1.4

BT-AT is a free application that provides a terminal like interface to the serial port service on Sony Ericsson and other mobile phones.What is new in this release:Can now save output to a PDF file via menu Can configure console history length Settings...


BuddyPop 2.5.8

BuddyPop lets you access your AddressBook via a customizable shortcut, and a nice interface. You can dial number on a Bluetooth phone, send and receive SMS and show who's calling you, then answer, hangup, or mute the phone from the mac. It does not waste...


BusyContacts 1.2.7 updated

BusyContacts is a contact manager for OS X that makes creating, finding, and managing contacts faster and more efficient. BusyContacts brings to contact management the same power, flexibility, and sharing capabilities that BusyCal users have enjoyed with...


Chandler 1.0.3

Chandler is intended to be an open source personal information manager for email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and general information management, as well as a platform for developing information management applications. It is currently under development...

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