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My Auction

My Auction 1.7.6

The "My Auction" database program was designed to help you keep track of items you sell on eBay, the customers who buy them, and all details related to the process from start to finish. Using "My Auction" you can be sure to stay on top of the important...


EZxslt 1.5.3

EZxslt simplifies the generation of Microsoft Word documents using data stored in FileMaker Pro 6 and FileMaker Pro 7 databases. EZxslt is the first automatic XSLT stylesheet generator for FileMaker Pro. EZxslt is designed for FileMaker Pro users who wish...

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FileFire Express

FileFire Express

FileFire Express is an indispensable cross-platform FileMaker plug-in that improves the way you import and reference external files. Link files to FileMaker data the way you always wanted. Retrieve all items of specific folders or volumes. Import file...

Med-Center Office

Med-Center Office 4.3.4 build 2

Med-Center is a multi-user cross platform medical practice billing and medical records system for small to medium size offices and clinics. It tracks patients and their visits, handles scheduling and post visit follow up, incorporates electronic claim...

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PAID 5.4.1 updated

PAID is a FileMaker Pro runtime database program which allows freelancers in the film and television industry to easily track Job Invoices, Clients, Crew Members, Billing Items and Project Estimates. The program sports a user friendly interface, totally...