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ActiveScaffold 3.4.35 updated

ActiveScaffold is a Ruby on Rails plugin. Allows easy database records editing using a web interface, powered via JS AJAX.What is new in this release:Added scoped_query to list methods, so it can be used for calculations, like each_record_in_scope is used...


Adminer 4.2.2 updated

Can be used as an alternative to phpMyAdmin, but it is easier to use because it consists of a single file ready to deploy to the server.Adminer is available in Czech, Chinese, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and...


ADOdb 5.20 / 4.992 updated

ADOdb hides the differences between the different databases so developers can easily switch databases without changing code. ADOdb is used in lots of projects around the web and is almost considered a standard on its own.What is new in this...

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Agamemnon 0.5.0

Agamemnon uses Pycassa to transform Apache Cassandra into a graph database, even if this wasn't Cassandra's main original purpose.Besides Cassandra, Agamemnon also took inspiration from Neo4j when it built its API, another great graph database system, but...

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB 2015-11-12 (beta) updated

Designed to be part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) toolkit, DynamoDB is a powerful data store server, managed by Amazon, for users not owning or wanting to deal with the infrastructure of huge and powerful database systems. DynamoDB works by...

Apache Accumulo

Apache Accumulo 1.7.0 updated

Apache Accumulo is a mashup of various technologies, from Google's BigTable, to Apache's Hadoop, Thrift and Zookeeper.Compared to Google's BigTable system, Accumulo features a few improvements of its own.These include table cell-based access restrictions,...

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Apache Ambari

Apache Ambari 2.1.2 updated

Apache Ambari allows database administrators to install, manage and monitor Hadoop clusters. Collecting metrics is done via Ganglia, while email alerts are sent out via Nagios. Amabari is basically a Web-based administration GUI for Hadoop, a tool that...

Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra 3.5.0 / 2.2.6 updated

Apache Cassandra was initially built by Facebook for their own servers and services, using principles developed by Google and Amazon for BigTable and DynamoDB. Currently the project was donated to the Apache Foundation who continues to developed it...