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ArangoDB-PHP 2.8.1 updated

ArangoDB-PHP allows developers to interact with the ArangoDB REST API from PHP-based websites or applications. This client library was written using OOP practices, easily handles ArangoDB connections, and covers basic database operations/transactions...


Pony 0.6.1

Pony provides an abstraction layer for running database queries directly from Python code.It allows developer to write complex operations via Python's advanced scripting capabilities and convert the code to valid SQL operations.The difference between Pony...


Crate 0.54.1 updated

Crate is a database coded in Java that uses the classic SQL syntax to index and store information in one machine or using server clusters. Data can be easily queried and made available in real-time, allowing developers to easily scale up their...

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Nymph 1.4.3 updated

Nymph uses its own query language called BTSQL (Better Than SQL) which allows developers to easily run complex queries but without having to write too many lines of code. While this is a promising factor to make you take a look at Nymph, keep in mind that...

Apache Gora

Apache Gora 0.6.1 updated

Apache Gora aims at providing a common ground on which developers can create tools that can handle large quantities of information, regardless of their underlying storage unit. Gora is written in Java and was created as an alternative to other Java ORMs...


Mongoid 5.0.0 updated

MongoDB is a document-oriented database, perfect for high intensive load environments. Mongoid is written in Ruby and it offers a familiar API for developers that previously used ORMs like Data Mapper or Active Record. Because of MongoDB's...


OrientDB 2.1.9 updated

OrientDB is written in pure Java and weighs around 500Kb of code. It is a professional solution for working with data that needs foremost to be easily accessible before being properly classified. This means OrientDB follows the key-value pair server...

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ArangoDB 2.8.1 updated

ArangoDB is not your standard database if you've been working with MySQL all your life. There are serious differences between it and classic relational databases, ArangoDB being ideal for high-load and high-speed environments. It's a data storage system...