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Fruit Ninja Theme

Fruit Ninja Theme for Windows 7

Fruit Ninja Theme is a set of desktop wallpapers for Windows 7 PCs that are based on the popular mobile game of the same name. In fact, Fruit Ninja is so popular it's also available on your PC with Fruit Ninja HD. Now you can enjoy it on your desktop...

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Paramount Pictures Movies

Paramount Pictures Movies Windows 7 Dynamic Theme

Paramount Pictures Movies is a dynamic Windows 7 theme that enables you to customize your computer with images from the latest Paramount Pictures movies. What is a dynamic theme? Unlike standard Windows 7 themes, Paramount Pictures Movies includes an RSS...

Apple has released a preview of Mountain Lion - OS X 10.8, due to be released later in 2012. If you run a Windows PC, but still want a taste of the action, try downloading this extra-terrestrial Mountain Lion Galaxy Wallpaper. The Mountain Lion Galaxy...


Mosaic Beta 1

Mosaic lets you customize Windows 7 with the Windows 8 interface, without having to wait until Microsoft releases their new operating system. Using Mosaic is piece of cake. The app doesn't require installation, so just unzip the contents of the archive...

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Evernote Sticky Notes

Evernote Sticky Notes 1.5.9 updated

Free Post-It Notes Application for The Cloud. Free and easy to use, Backs up notes to the Cloud and synchs across devices, Integrates fully into the main Evernote application,. Lacks any advanced features such as notifications deadlines or other...