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PicTriX 1.0.7

PicTriX substantially improves productivity when working with image frames, image files and placed images in QuarkXPress. Numerous menu commands for editing of image frames and image files, automated functions which assist in specific situations, and...

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EuroGlyph 1.4

EuroGlyph adds a floating palette on QuarkXPress, offering a complete set of tools to fine-tune the euro character. Fix it in older fonts where it's missing, make it look better by matching it with any other font's look. Define a hotkey to execute the...


EuroKey 1.2.1

This control panel lets you define a key (or a key combination) to type the euro character. The euro key is active in every application. It is intented to make life easier in places where recent Macs are mixed with older Macs.What is new in this release:A...

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