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qXport 4.2 updated

qXport is an Addin for Microsoft Word, which converts Word documents to QuarkXPress. qXport tries to convert as much as possible of the Word structures, which are also available in QuarkXPress. At the same time qXport ignores much of the useless Word...

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InFlow 2.3

Why doesn't InDesign automatically add pages when I have overset text? Scratching your head over this question? (We are.) InFlow is the answer. InFlow is great news for all of you who, like us, love using InDesign but can't live without automatic page...

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ImageX 3.11 updated

ImageX provides a palette with a list of all used pictures within the front most document. Those pictures can be sorted by name, page, type, color space, color profile or resolution. Several operations on those pictures like updating and relinking are...