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Mag2GO 1.1 updated

Mag2GO is a digital publishing software that publishes magazines, periodicals and other publications into mobile devices. Both of online and offline reading is supported by the app created by Mag2GO. Readers can read online directly without waiting for...

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FullPress is a robust server-software engine for demanding graphic production environments. The system sits at the center of the workflow providing client-server file sharing, print spooling, automated output generation of PostScript, PDF, TIFF/IT, and...


MathTabsLT 2.0.1

MathTabsLT is a freeware XTension for QuarkXPress 6 that allows you to type a mathematical expression (i.e. 2+3) and replace it with the correct result (5). So if you type 7/8, select it and hit the MathTabsLT key command, you will get .875. Or if you...

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