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MathTabs 2.0.1

Do the Math in QuarkXPress! Now for Quark 6 and OS X. Create business documents-- invoices, estimates, budgets, price lists-- without calculators or spreadsheet programs. MathTabs performs basic mathematical calculations automatically by assigning...


shhh 2.0

shhh! is a small XTensions for QuarkXPress 6.x.x that allows you to change style sheets in-place, without having to deal with non-interactive layers of dialogs and tabs -- just change a paragraph's attributes, click a button and "Presto-Maestro" the...

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TruEdit 3.1.4

What if there was a system that gave everyone access to just the portions of the page that they needed? Designers could work with the page layout at the same time the editors revised the text. Impossible? Not anymore. The TruEdit 3.1 suite of plug-ins...

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