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Batcher 0.0.5

Batcher can take many existing InDesign scripts (.jsx files) and add batch processing features to them. Most of the time, there is no need for changes to the script.What is new in this release:This version adds a new feature to handle situations where you...

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eMagStudio 4.0 updated

eMagStudio allows you to create and publish unlimited online publications. Load your PDF into the software, and add your Rich Media. The software supports a wide variety of multimedia and plug-ins that will make eMagStudio a need to have power tool for...

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ePubCrawler 0.2.5

ePubCrawler takes an InDesign document, and converts it to a collection of XHTML and CSS files. There is also eCanCrusher, which comes with ePubCrawler. You can then drag-drop an EPUB folder onto the eCanCrusher application icon, and it will convert the...