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iCalamus 2.08 updated

iCalamus is the publisher for Mac OS X, by invers Software from Loeningen, Germany. The DTP program can be used lightly as a feather and offers newbies and pros in Desktop Publishing all kinds of freedom to publish their ideas. iCalamus costs 129 EUR. The...

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Sizewise 1.0

Sizewise is a simple but indispensable part of any designer's or developer's toolbox. It allows its users to test their products on a variety of different screens simulated directly on their desktops, diminishing the need for testing with physical...

MacFlatplan is an application, which you can use to see where all the articles and adverts are laid out and in what order. You can do as many Macflatplan document as you will. MacFlatplan has unlimited number of pages per publication and allows to import...