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Batch Update

Batch Update QXP 6 - 9

If you store your graphics on a file server, or if you ever have to move your graphics to a new location, then the Batch Update XTensions module to QuarkXPress is for you. This product automatically updates all modified and missing pictures throughout an...


Batcher 0.0.5

Batcher can take many existing InDesign scripts (.jsx files) and add batch processing features to them. Most of the time, there is no need for changes to the script.What is new in this release:This version adds a new feature to handle situations where you...


BatchOutput 3.12.4

BatchOutput automates printing, exporting, PDF preflighting and file delivery from InDesign. Export as single pages with variable file names, update modified links, preflight final PDF and send them to FTP site. Just select the documents, adjust settings...

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BezierDraw 1.52 updated

Vector graphics editor which supports multiple configurable objects superimposed on each other, usually with radial symmetry, to produce intricate and interesting designs. It uses standard shapes like hyperbolas, ellipses, polygons, cardioids, hypo- and...

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