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GitLab 9.5.0 updated

GitLab is an open source, platform-independent and completely free web-based software repository and project management application implemented in Ruby on Rails and cloned from the famous GitHub project. It is used in more than 100,000 organizations...

Percona Server

Percona Server 5.7.19-17 updated

Percona Server is an open source, cross-platform and totally free software project that has been designed from the ground up as a drop-in replacement for the popular and widely used MySQL database engine/server. While Percona Server is actually an...

Griffon IDE

Griffon IDE 1.8.4 updated

Griffon IDE is an open source and completely free graphical software project for editing HTML, Bash, Perl, PHP, MySQL and C code. It allows the generation of source code in a few clicks. In other words, it’s an Integrated Development Environment...


zlib 1.2.11 updated

zlib is a general-purpose, free, open source and legally unencumbered library software that provides support for lossless data-compression using the portable zip archive file format. It can be used on any operating system or computer hardware.The library...

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SmartGit/Hg 17.0.2 / 17.1 Preview 3 updated

SmartGit/Hg is a free for non-commercial use software project, a web-based software repository client written in the Java programming language and designed to support the Git, Mercurial and Subversion distributed version control systems. Features at a...


D-Feet 0.3.12 updated

D-Feet is an open source software project designed from the ground up for GNOME/GTK+ developers who are looking for a simple and easy to use tool to inspect D-Bus interfaces of running applications, as well as to call the methods on those...


GIT 2.14.1 updated

Git is one of the most widely used distributed version control systems, described by developers around the world as the number one VCS service. It runs only from terminal, but several front-ends are available for download. It is a free and open source...

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cURL 7.55.0 updated

cURL is an open source and freely distributed software project, a command-line utility that help you easily transfer any type of data using a URL syntax. It supports a wide-range or file transfer protocols and can be integrated into various...


Tcl/Tk 8.6.7 updated

The Tcl/Tk project provides an open source, multiplatform, totally free and portable scripting environment that supports string processing and pattern matching, native file system access, shell-like control over other programs, TCP/IP networking, timers,...