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Eric 16.11 updated

Eric is an open source and multi-platform project that provides developers and programmers with a full-featured and unique IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the Python and Ruby programming languages. It's written entirely in Python The...

ALSA driver

ALSA driver 1.1.5 updated

The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture is composed of several parts. The first is a fully modularized sound driver which supports module autoloading, devfs, isapnp autoconfiguration, and gives complete access to analog audio, digital audio, control, mixer,...

Debian Installer

Debian Installer 9.2.1 / 10 Alpha 1 updated

Debian Installer is an open source project, a collection of many small utilities that allow Debian users to install a Debian-based operating system. Debian is a distinguished open source GNU/Linux operating system for your personal computer.What is new in...

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GIT 2.15.1 updated

Git is one of the most widely used distributed version control systems, described by developers around the world as the number one VCS service. It runs only from terminal, but several front-ends are available for download. It is a free and open source...


MariaDB 10.2.11 updated

MariaDB is a an open source and cross-platform database engine and server, designed as a drop-in replacement for the well known and powerful MySQL database engine used on numerous web servers around the world. The application is geared toward database...


cURL 7.57.0 updated

cURL is an open source and freely distributed software project, a command-line utility that help you easily transfer any type of data using a URL syntax. It supports a wide-range or file transfer protocols and can be integrated into various...


Vala 0.39.1 updated

Vala is an open source, free and modern programming language and software project designed from the offset to bring new programming features to GNOME developers. It is a compiler for the GObject type system, allowing GNOME developers to create astonishing...

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KDevelop 5.2.1 updated

KDevelop is an open source, portable and free software project that provides users with a feature-full, plugin-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the C, C++ and other widely used programming languages. Features at a glance Key features...


Glade 3.20.2 updated

Glade is an open source application that allows GNOME and GTK+ developers to create beautiful and modern graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for their projects or any other command-line software. It is a user interface designer and RAD (Rapid Application...