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Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK

Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK 2.80.1583 updated

Read and write XLS, XLSX from ASP.NET, .NET, VB, C#, PHP and other programming languages without Excel installed. Supports formula calculations, text formatting, rows, columns, sheets management and much more! Can be used from legacy Visual Basic 6 and...

Winnovative RTF to PDF Converter library for .NET can be used to convert RTF strings and files to PDF documents in .NET desktop applications, ASP.NET and MVC websites using C# and VB.NET. You can add footers and headers to the rendered document, set...

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PDF Merge for .NET

PDF Merge for .NET 7.0 updated

Winnovative PDF Merge for .NET can be used as to merge PDF documents and images in a single PDF document. The library can be used from any .NET application (windows forms, ASP.NET Web sites, or command line tools). Features: Easy integration, no...

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SQL Image Viewer

SQL Image Viewer updated

SQL Image Viewer enables you to retrieve and view images directly from Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, SQL Server and ODBC data sources (e.g. DB2 and PostgreSQL). It also helps you to export your images to disk, in their original format or converted to...

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dbMonitor 3.0.4

dbMonitor performs per-component tracing of database events such as commit, rollback, SQL statement execute, creating and destroying components, connection pooling events etc. Key Features *Call stack information for events (only for monitoring ADO...