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Scribe 2.1.1 updated

Scribe is not like any other regular WYSIWYG editor. It's ugly, it has no default skin, and is not user friendly in any way.But if you take the time to style and add it to your projects, you can rest assured you have a solid text formatting solution for...


Perl 6.0.0 / 5.24.0 updated

After over 20 years of development, Perl is one of the most mature and secure programming languages around.Features:Integrates numerous features from many other programming languages (C, awk, sed, sh, and BASIC) A database interface (known as DBI) Works...


Sami 3.0.5 updated

Sami was created by the same developer that built Symfony, and works just like any other documentation generator, parsing code, extracting comments, and creating a simple HTML docs out of them. Sami is quite easy to install and uses a local configuration...

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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails / updated

Ruby on Rails provides all the tools needed to develop web-apps that can run on CGI, FastCGI and on the mod_ruby. Ruby on Rails, also known as Rails, gives the developer a pure-Ruby development environment. The framework was initially developed by David...


ArangoDB-PHP 2.8.1 updated

ArangoDB-PHP allows developers to interact with the ArangoDB REST API from PHP-based websites or applications. This client library was written using OOP practices, easily handles ArangoDB connections, and covers basic database operations/transactions...

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Emscripten 1.36.5 updated

Emscripten works by transforming LLVM bitcode into JavaScript syntax and allowing developers to run it either in a client-side (browsers) and/or server-side (Node.js) environment. Emscripten is widely considered the best tool to convert C/C++ applications...