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Soma 2.0.2

It does this by automating common processes, such as loading, structure, pages, assets, and a lot more.SomaUI is a AIR-Java tool that is generating sources: the draft of a Flash site based on the Soma framework, ready to use and be taken to a further...


Redactor 1.2.6

The Redactor jQuery plugin transforms regular textareas into WYSIWYG editors, allowing site users to enter and style their text as they see fit. Redactor was built to be used as a basic rich text editor, yet it has slowly evolved from a nice open source...

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Moto CMS

Moto CMS 3.1.4 / 1.3.1

Moto CMS is a website builder and a CMS platform that produces ready-made themes in three main formats: HTML, Ecommerce and Moto 3. Previously, the company was known as FlashMoto but they created MotoCMS to deliver three basic products to...


CSSOM 0.3.1

Created as an implementation of the CSS Object Model in pure JavaScript, CSSOM can additionally be used to parse CSS structures into JavaScript objects. This means CSSOM can be used to accurately portray the structure of a stylesheet via JS code. Works...

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It 1.1.1

It adds BDD support to Node.js. BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) is a software development process based on test-driven development (TDD). 'It' allows creating and running tests for Node.js code, helping in detecting and preventing errors in...