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Slide Freebie

Slide Freebie 2.5b11

Slide Freebie is the freeware slide show viewer from Artly There Software and is now updated for OS X with a much larger feature set. This is a beta release for OS X only and contains many features that users have asked for over the years plus many author...


ChronoPhoto 1.4.2

ChronoPhoto is a digital photograph viewer. With ChronoPhoto, you can quickly view and print your digital photographs, select those you want to keep and get rid of the others. Starting with version 1.4, ChronoPhoto has native support for JPEG and RAW...

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MacDEM 1.10

MacDEM is an application to view and edit digital elevation model (DEM) files.Merge DEM files togetherResample and crop DEMsDisplay DEMs in shaded relief, with user-definable color mapsExport shaded relief images to PICT, TARGA, and TIFF formatsExport...

Fractal Chaos

Fractal Chaos 1.0.2~10

Fractal Chaos is an application designed to provide a flexible environment for creating fractals using the Chaos Game Algorithm. Fractal Chaos lets you choose various aspects of the fractal, such as size, the color depth for the density plotting, the...


iSlideSaver 1.2.1

Create your own slidesavers. It's so easy. Just drag a couple of pictures into the app and click "build."What is new in this release:Smal bugfixesNew lookRequirements:Mac OS X 10.2 or higher (Universal...

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