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MacDEM 1.10

MacDEM is an application to view and edit digital elevation model (DEM) files.Merge DEM files togetherResample and crop DEMsDisplay DEMs in shaded relief, with user-definable color mapsExport shaded relief images to PICT, TARGA, and TIFF formatsExport...

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Rita 1.1.2

Rita is a paint program for MacOS X that attempts to be limitless, flexible and easy to use. Unlike traditional paint programs Rita does not restrict you to a particular image size or resolution. Instead, it uses an infinite canvas. You can make the image...

IQ Match

IQ Match 1.1

IQ Match is a high-quality color system that allows you to perform color management tasks and make non-destructive color edits. Because of its ability to print and separate images with superior color quality and clarity, IQ Match is the finishing touch to...

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