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Tedium 1.0.1

Tedium allows you to manage a number of Time Machine destinations and easily switch between them using Tedium itself or automatically by combining it with ControlPlane.What is new in this release:his release fixes an issue with spaces in the destination...


iFileX 1.3.2

iFileX is not meant to be a substitute for Spotlight but it can find more files including hidden files, packages content, bundles content. You can search after file size,creation and or modification dates, is Folder, is Alias and file name. This way it...


Zipeg 2.9.4

Zipeg is universal .rar and .zip file opener that works on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger. If you ever needed just one photo, song or document from the huge archive that has been downloaded or arrived via email - Zipeg is definitely right for...


OmniPresence 1.4.1 updated

OmniPresence is the best way to sync all of your documents across all of your devices. And it works on most web hosts, including OS X Server, which means you can store all of your data yourself.What is new in this release:Avoid a crash when there are...

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Mackup 1.0

- Backups your application settings in Dropbox - Syncs your application settings among all your workstations - Restores your configuration on any fresh install in one command line By only tracking pure configuration files, it keeps the crap out of...


Spotdox 1.0.4

Spotdox is an add-on to Dropbox that allows you to access any file on your computer (or any drives attached to it) from any location or device. Never get stuck without that important file or folder. Simply download Spotdox, run it on your Mac and you...


VisualAck 0.3.3

VisualAck is like grep (or ack), except faster and with UI. For Mac.What is new in this release:- remove control characters from output if not printing to tty - add --[no]color --[no]colour option to disable/force search highlight with control...

Recent Redux

Recent Redux 1.0.2

Recent Redux is a tool keeping track of files and folders which have been recently used on your computer. It is updated live and allows for direct access to these files and folders. If you want, you can also define filters to show you just those files you...

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Read CHM

Read CHM 1.0

Read CHM is an application that enables its users to view the contents of CHM files with ease. Read CHM comes with intuitive tab view reading, sidebars and bookmark management tools. Features: 1) Sidebar to show CHM file Contents, Index and Search...