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Aggregator 1.1.1

Aggregator is a utility (application and service) for aggregating a set of files into subfolders based on their extension, file type, mime type, modification date or creation date. Each such subfolder is named using the common extension, 4-character file...


Touvaly 1.2.9

Touvaly is a novel app for making "pseudo" copies of files, folders, CD's and volumes, preserving folder structure. A pseudo copy of a file is an empty file with all the same attributes as the original file, such as creation date, modification date,...


iZip 1.1.5

With the latest in compression and encryption technology built right in, iZip allows you to compress, secure and share your files with ease. Zip and unzip files Use the familiar Mac Finder to easily manage the contents of the most common archive file...


PresSTORE 4.2.0

PresSTORE is a data management system that seamlessly scales up from small over medium up to enterprise-sized businesses. The concept of an integrated data management and security solution is built into PresSTORE's core. The data is managed throughout its...

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SyncFF 1.0.3

SyncFF is a drop utility app and service for setting the modification and creation date of folders to the most recent modification date of their contained files (and, optionally, folders.) This way the modification date of the folder matches the...


FileUtility 1.0.6

FileUtility is an application and service for: Moving the data fork of a file into the resource fork, then deleting the data fork. Listing all resources in a resource fork by ID, type and name. Deleting a file's data fork. Deleting a file's...


Archives 1.1.1

ArchiveMadness lets you compress and upload archives with one click. Contextual menu helps you create archives in Finder. Supported formats: ZIP, TAR, XAR, RAR and more. Import, browse, and preview all your archives. ArchiveMadness has many features to...


HDCleanUp 2.1.1

HDCleanUp is an easy-to-use disk cleaning utility. HDCleanUp does NOT delete or act on any files until you decide when it's appropriate. All task related files first show up in a list, allowing you to decide which files to delete or act upon. If a file is...

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XoomFile 1.61

Send files with amazing speed, security and privacy with the XoomFile network. Using the powerful XoomFile Mac(R) edition, you can drag and drop files and send to other people with ease. Designed for utmost speed, the application uses multi-threading,...