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Tumblmacin 1.0.0

You want download all your pictures on your Tumblr blog? Whit TumblMacin you can simply download all your pictures to keep it in a safe place and have a backup. You can rename the pictures while they downloaded to find them easyer on your...

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rooSwitch 1.5.4

rooSwitch exists to make it easy for you to create different copies of almost any applications data. You then switch amongst the profiles to activate the data you wish to use. It's like a multi-user environment for just one...

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Time Agent

Time Agent 1.0.1

Everyone has experienced that moment of dread when they realise that an important file, or worse, their latest holiday snaps may have been lost or deleted. Apple realised this and created Time Machine, a fantastic, simple way to backup all of your files...