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MediacenterJS 0.1.3 updated

MediacenterJS can be used as a local media center for your own computer only, or it can be hosted online and allow users to access multimedia files in an easy manner. There are 3 main sections on your media center page. There's a section for listing all...


OpenDocMan 1.3.4 updated

It is designed to comply with OIE and ISO 17025 standard for documents management.It features web based access, fine grained control of access to files, and automated install and upgrades. Unlike most DMS’s that require you to change your business...


rubyzip 1.1.7

The library supports basic zip archive creation, zipping a directory recursively, reading ZIP files, and saving and sorting ZIP archive entries.What is new in this release:Reverted "Return created zip file from Zip::File.open when supplied a...


DSpace 5.2 updated

In simpler terms DSpace is a portal where users can upload and share documents and files with each other.DSpace supports any type of file and comes with lots and lots of features for easily organizing users in groups and files in appropriate...

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File-size.js 1.0.0

File-size.js can be used to convert a number of X bytes into human readable format.It can practically take 18645786 bytes and print it as 186.46 MB, a more comprehensive, conventional and useful way of measuring data.File-size.js can be used as a...

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JSZip 2.5.0

JSZIP takes a collection of files, ZIPs it on the client's side and sends it to the server, or prompts the user for download.This way, the server resources can be used for delivering the website itself, and not for compressing the user's files.On top of...


compressjs 1.0.3 updated

compressjs works with client-side (browsers) and server-side (Volo, Node.js) environments.It supports multiple compression and decompression algorithms, all ported to work with pure JavaScript code and no external dependencies.What is new in this...