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Kobo Desktop 1.8

Attractive ebook reader with built-in ebook store. Nicely designed interface, Large selection of books available for purchase, Includes also free books, Seamless syncing with other devices. Free books are mostly classics, Not as feature-rich as other...

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Kotobee Author

Kotobee Author 1.3 build 328

Kotobee Author is a comprehensive ebook creator and EPUB editor, suitable for education, training, and publishing. It is the winner of the Academics' Choice 2016 Smart Media Award. With Kotobee Author, you may easily create interactive ebooks rich with...

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The Taskbar Reader is the perfect app for finishing the last pages of your book in the office while still looking busy. As the name suggests it hides by default as an icon in the Taskbar, and you have three reading options: a) a straightforward reading...