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LSystem 2.0

Lindenmayer Systems are models of biological growth which produce very cool fractal images. This software makes use of OpenGL to allow you to create and explore your own l-system images.What is new in this release: Support for 3D LSystems Universal...

Simple t

Simple t 3.0

A standalone Macintosh program that calculates independent and dependent t-tests from group data (means, standard deviations, etc.).What is new in this release:Universal. Uneven N allowed.Requirements:Mac OS X 10.2 or...


MacTXLine 1.0b4

MacTXLine calculates parameters for transmission lines in electromagnetic systems. It support 3 different lines: Microstrip, Striplines and Coaxial lines. The application converts between electrical values and physical values. As an example it can convert...

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YP Shadow

YP Shadow 1.02

YP Shadow simulates a light source projecting the shadow of an opaque body on a screen. Using the mouse, it is easy to change the position and the size of the light source, the position and the size of the opaque body, and the position of the screen. YP...


eMorse 1.0

This application converts text to morse code and vice versa. You can simply write (or paste) your text in the eMorse window and push button to convert it to morse code. Likewise you can convert your morse code to plain text. eMorse also permits you to...

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