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Mail Scripts

Mail Scripts 2.10.3

Mail Scripts is a collection of AppleScript Studio applications for Mail and Address Book offering additional features or simplified workflow. Mail Scripts consists of the following scripts:Add Addresses (Mail): Add addresses found in the selected...


Mailsmith 24 updated

Mailsmith is an Internet email client for the Macintosh which offers unparalleled filtering, searching, editing and scripting capabilities. Mailsmith breaks new ground in making powerful email-handling capabilities accessible to users of all levels.What...


Starred 1.0.0

Starred is a lightweight and discrete menu bar application that keeps track of starred Gmail messages. 'Star' an important email in your Gmail account and it will automatically show up in your menu bar.Features: - Automatic synchronization with Gmail-...


Mifrenz 0.92

Mifrenz is an email application for children. Parents can easily control the contacts that children can sends emails to and receive emails from. Worrying about kids email safety? Spending lots of time supervising kids email use? Mifrenz is for...

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Minbox 1.8

Minbox lets you send any collection of photos or files from your Mac via email, all for FREE. Minbox is not only the fastest file-sharing app in the world, but also: - Minimal: Incredibly simple and minimal interface - Beautiful: Files can be viewed by...

eMail Verifier

eMail Verifier 3.7 updated

eMail Verifier can save time and money for businesses who send newsletters to their clients, nonprofit organizations who send bulletins to their members, or any person or business that needs to maintain a clean e-mail contact list. eMail Verifier works on...


RoboPostman 1.3.1 updated

Create a personal look and feel to every message you send out, without the extra effort! RoboPostman allows you to custom tailor messages to include dynamic content specific to each recipient. Include birthdays, custom notes, links with rotating affiliate...

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eml-2-emlx 1.4.0 updated

eml-2-emlx is a mail file conversion utility. It convertes the standard eml-files to emlx-files and .mbox mailboxes. eml is a standard mail file format often used by e-mail programs. emlx is the file format used by apple in MacOS Mail v2 and above....


MailServe 7.0.2

MailServe helps you set up a fully functional mail server on Mac OS X that can: - send outgoing mail - receive incoming mail - fetch mail from an ISP mail server - filter out spam - store all these mail on the server & and allow them to be read...