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MailMate 1.9.6 updated

MailMate is an ambitious powerful email client for Mac OS X. It is designed for and only supports IMAP while still working in full when offline. MailMate has state-of-the-art searching capabilities and correspondingly advanced smart mailboxes. Extensive...

eMail Marketing Connector

eMail Marketing Connector updated

eMail Marketing Connector gives you attractive, professional e-mail communications to keep your customers informed. Combine Constant Contact and FileMaker Pro to have the best of both worlds (solid contact management in FileMaker and e-mail Marketing in...


iFaces 1.1

iFaces is small Mail.app utility add-on program that will display unread mail's sender pictures on your desktop. It helps you determine if you need to actually open Mail and read the message (or continue working on something else). Inspired by the X11...

MBOX Breaker

MBOX Breaker 1.1 updated

MBOX Breaker splits your large mailboxes into smaller ones. Apple Mail, for instance, has a 1 GB limit on the size of .mbox files it will let you import, so MBOX Breaker could split your existing mailbox into smaller files that can be successfully...

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Letterbox 0.24b9

Letterbox is a plugin for Apple's Mail.app that takes advantage of your widescreen monitor. It rearranges the interface into three vertical columns so the message pane is to the right of the message list, rather than below.What is new in this...


MailTabs 0.6

Mail.app is great for email and comes free with every Mac. However, like many email applications, it doesn't take long before you have lots of mail windows open and before you know it, your desktop is cluttered with messages. Tabs have revolutionized the...


Let.ter 1.0

Let.ter is a new approach to email, one that lets you focus on your message without the distractions of your email inbox. No notifications, no inbox zero to achieve, no folders and tags and complexities. Just you and your email. It's the focused approach...

Direct Mail

Direct Mail 4.3.5 updated

Direct Mail is the best mailing list management and mail delivery software for Mac OS X. Its user-friendly interface and powerful mail delivery engine let you stay in touch with your contacts quickly and easily - without worrying about the details of mail...

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Revolver Mail

Revolver Mail 8.4.11

Revolver Mail includes 3 important basics for personal organization: Email, addresses and organizer, all for free! Revolver Mail is a safe and network-compatible alternative to the existing email programs. It includes: Email, addresses, calendar, tasks,...