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goSecure 1.2

goSecure is your easy-to-use encryption solution, offering you security and convenience. goSecure gives you peace-of-mind by encrypting your sensitive information, so nobody else can access it without a password. goSecure uses industry-standard AES...


Lockdown 1.0.6

Lockdown is a Mac security application built from the popular iAlertU. With a new interface, splash screen, and icon, Lockdown makes securing your Mac while you step away even easier than ever. You can customize its detection features by activating your...

The Vault

The Vault 2.1.16

The Vault makes password management easy. Passwords, credit cards, and bank account info. Too many passwords to remember? Can't remember your login id to a Web site? Shopping online and need your credit card information? Worried about identity theft?...

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Swizzler 1.0

Swizzler is the simplest, most elegant solution for encrypting files and folders on your Mac. Swizzler allows you to encrypt and decrypt files and folders with a single click from within the finder. The free version of Swizzler is fully functioning...


FileLock 1.0.5

FileLock is an application for locking and securing your files using a powerful encryption algorithm. It is password-based, meaning you enter a password to lock your files and then later enter that same password to unlock them. Once your files have been...


OBZVault 3.3.733

OBZVault is a cross-platform encrypted text editor. With OBZVault you can secure sensitive information like passwords, quotes and messages, and access them from any operating system. Are you tired of forgetting service account details, or need to share...

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