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AltiChord 1.19d

AltiChord is a chord dictionary and chord reference application. It supports various stringed instruments like guitar, ukulele, mandolin or bouzouki. AltiChord supports more than forty-five chord types. Among them are both simple chords and complicated...


tunebounce 1.0.1

Tired of the same music. Looking for something different. Check out Tunebounce, a music recommendation service which uploads statistics from your iTunes library and makes suggestions on what other bands and albums you make like based on what others with...

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EyeRemote 1.2

If you're using the great EyeTV software, you'll enjoy EyeRemote! Controlling EyeTV with your Apple Remote is now a pleasure, and EyeRemote will extend your TV software features (sleep timer, launch other softwares...). Control EyeTV with your Apple...

Purely Drums

Purely Drums 3.3 updated

Purely Drums is a software application designed to help you become a better drummer. By repeatedly practising the routines and lessons included in the software, your playing technique will improve over time. The advanced visual interface adds an extra...



Have you ever wanted to have a Swami of your own to ask for advice or to predict your fortune? This application may satisfy that need. Swami is a software emulation of an old toy that used a black globe with dark liquid and an answer "multi-faceted ball"...

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