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Guitar Guru

Guitar Guru 3.1.1

Learn how to play your favorite songs as the virtual fretboard guides you through the music at your own pace and plays in sync with your CDs, audio files, or the included MIDI. Dozens of samples are included, and over 1,500 full songs are available...

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Pianoteq 3.6.3

Pianoteq is a physically modelled piano. Its tiny footprint (just 20 MB), playability (models all 127 midi velocities) and flexibility (offering unique physical parameters) makes it truly unique and superior to the sampled based variants. Pianoteq is...


iMeme 1.0

iMeme is a meme generator for Mac OS X and Windows. Over 50 built-in templates. Enter your own header and footer text. Adjustable text size and alignment. Use your own images. Save as PNG or copy to the clipboard. Print directly from the...


ellV-Bass 1.0

Realistic sounding bass parts with sequencer editor onboard to create rhythms bass grooves. You not only get different basses and slices FX - you get the sound of dedicated amp rigs and effects Presets, too! EQ, Cut off, Reso, Ambience, Delay, Chorus....

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Sebastian 1.6

Many music students struggle with ear training, though it is a critical skill for musical development. The most effective learning method is one-on-one instruction with a tutor, at the piano. But ear training is a technical skill; the main thing the human...