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Directory Lister

Directory Lister 2.6.1 updated

It replaces standard file and folder navigational structures with a nicely crafted interface. To use, upload the file and folder root structure on the same level as index.php. Directory Lister has been tested with all major browsers.What is new in this...


FileManager 10.41 updated

FileManager is a file browser component that can be added to any application and allow its users to manage a filesystem's content via the browser. The script can be used with both local filesystems and FTP servers, working on Linux, Mac, and Windows...


Pyspread 0.4.1 updated

It's greatest feature is accepting a pure Python expression in spreadsheet cells.Instead of spreadsheet formulas, Python expressions are entered into the spreadsheet cells.Each expression returns a Python object that can be accessed from other cells.These...


Filemanager 2.3.0 updated

Filemanager is a programming language agnostic component. It was written on top of jQuery, allowing it to work with any backend technology, regardless of programming language. Filemanager comes packaged with a plethora of connectors...

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eXtplorer 2.1.7

eXtplorer was created to manage and browse files and folders in remote locations. It can also work with local servers as well, but using it locally would be... silly.eXtplorer can be used by developers that got tired of using FTP clients, or by persons...


SysUsage 5.4

SysUsage works by recording a computer system's statistics in a series of local flat-files, drawing out the data on a Web page using a JavaScript library.For this, SysUsage utilizes tools like sar, sysstat, RRDTool, and jqPlot. Data can be recorded at...


App-perlmv 0.48

It is similar to the Perl module "prename".What is new in this release:Bugfix: Use l_abs_path() instead of abs_path() so we can handle symlinks to non-existing targets. Also, use File::Spec->rel2abs() instead of abs_path() to absolutize new/renamed...

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Archive::Zip 0.7.0

Basic archive operations (creation and extraction) are handled using only few methods.More complex operations involving the manipulation of existing archives in place (adding, removing, and modifying entries) are also possible with a little more work.Even...