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0xFFFF 0.3.1

0xFFFF (Open Free Fiasco Firmware Flasher) utility implements a free userspace handler for the NOLO bootloader and related utilities for the Nokia Internet Tablets like flashing setting device options, packing/unpacking FIASCO firmware format and more. In...


anyfs-tools 0.85.0

anyfs-tools is a unix-way toolset for recovering and converting filesystems.SYNOPSISbuild_it [-qvV] directory inode_table anysurrect [-b blocksize] [-i input_inode_table] [-p path_prefix] [-u file_umask] [-U dir_umask] [-qvV] device inode_table reblock...


bkp 0.4.5

bkp is a command line backup tool written in bash written in bash under GPL license, it allows you to make a solid backup of your data, keeping original files permissions. bkp has a date (dd-mm-YY) support, so you will be able to know when you have made...


DDRescue-GUI 1.7.1 updated

DDRescue-GUI an user-friendly, multiplatform, freely distributed and open source graphical application implemented in Python and designed to provide users with an easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User Interface) front-end for the awesome GNU ddrescue...

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dd_rhelp 0.3.0

dd_rhelp is a bash script that handles a very usefull program written in C by Kurt Garloff which is called dd_rescue. dd_rhelp roughly act as the dd linux command with the characteristic to NOT stop when it falls on read/write errors.This makes dd_rescue...


e2retrieve 20070415

e2retrieve is a data recovery tool for Ext2 filesystem. This means that e2retrieve will not try to repair the filesystem but will extract data to "copy" it to another place (another disk, NFS, Samba, ...).Here are some key features of...


Esteaada 1.1

Esteaada was created to be one of the best recovery application that was written for Linux and has a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Esteaada is able to recover files that have not yet been overwritten by a wiping process, even if the files were...


extcarve 1.4

extcarve is an open source command-line utility that helps users to recover data from EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4 file systems. It is also a semantic file carving tool.extcarve is part of the giis (gET iT i sAY) project and it is engineered in such a way...

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findfile 0.2

FindFile will be a collection of tools for recovering files from filesystems with corrupted directories/allocationtables/etc.This can be usefull when the partitiontable (or more) of a harddisk is corrupted. Or when you have a memory-card of a digital...