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AnonymoX 2.4.6

AnonymoX is an initiative for anonymization in the internet. The aim is to restore the users right of anonymity in the web. Most websites monitor the behaviour of their users, giving the websites hosts the ability to analyze the general users behaviour...


Cliqz 0.5.15

Say goodbye to the search bar** and to search engine result pages. This Firefox extension transforms the address bar* into a powerful tool to surf the Web. Simply enter your query into the address bar of your browser. Directly beneath the address bar...

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ZenMate VPN for Firefox

ZenMate VPN for Firefox (Mozilla Firefox) 5.4.8 updated

Excellent proxy switcher add-on. Very easy to setup and use, Switch between proxies easily, Allows you to view blocked sites in certain countries, Surfing speed is generally fast, Protects privacy online. Not enough countries supported, Requires email...

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