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FontLab Studio

FontLab Studio 5.1.4b4836

Glyph Editor - Work with Type 1 and TrueType outlines easily and precisely. Multiple Masters - Make your own multiple master fonts with up to 4 axes. Extrapolate fonts beyond original limits TrueType & Type 1 Hinting - Add hints manually or automatically...


TransType 4.0

Easily change outline font format or platform. For instance: take any Mac PostScript font and in second get autohinted, remapped Windows TrueType. Or take any Windows font and get correctly built Mac PostScript font suitcase with set of bitmap fonts....


TypeWise 2.0

TypeWise is a smart font manager for Macintosh that helps you find and view fonts and characters quickly. TypeWise features a fast-scrolling WYSIWYG font list, gorgeous repertoire and character set layouts, plus Veenix's powerful GlyphLogicEngine0...

Suitcase Fusion 6

Suitcase Fusion 6 17.3.2 updated

This is THE creative professional's font manager. Assume complete control over your desktop and web fonts, while still having the freedom to explore. For sophistication and ease nothing in this galaxy can beat Suitcase Fusion. It simply, and seamlessly,...

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FontLab Pad

FontLab Pad 1.1.0

Black-and-white movies are wonderful -- but fortunately, Hollywood has discovered color many years ago. Color fonts, however, are still in their infant days. They come in several flavors and work natively only in a few apps. With our free FontLab...

Glyphs Mini

Glyphs Mini 1.0.3

This is a slimmed down version of the font design software Glyphs. The main differences to the full version: - no Multiple Master and no Layers - no Scripting - no UFO im/export - limited OpenType feature support What is is meant for: Casual...

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Charmas 2.18

Get out of the font jungle! Find the right font faces for your layouts with Charmas in a few mouse clicks. FontFinder: You are looking for a special font face but don't know much about it but the shape of some characters only? No problem thanks to...