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Dilo 1.3.1

Dilo looks up words at http://dict.leo.org and shows the english or german translation of that word. It is kind of comparable to "Babylon" for Windows but uses a public web-dictionary instead of having a local one. if you want to see how LEO works, please...


Que 1.1

It's really easy to memorize and recall words just when you start learning new language, but imagine how hard could it be to recall words which you learned months ago? The solution is to constantly train and recall all words you learned. Que allows you to...

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Vocab 2.1.1

Vocab helps you learn words in any foreign language - and Latin and Greek - quickly and successfully. It gives you instant access to all your vocab lists, and any other words you want to learn, making it easy to revise, easy to test yourself, and easy to...