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iCheck 1.0.2 / 2.0 rc1

iCheck doesn't do anything different than the plethora of form masking toolkits out there, only it does it better, and with a lot more artistic style than all of them.The plugin comes with support for radio buttons and checkboxes only, leaving drop-down...


Formoid 2.9.97 updated

Formoid is a form templating boilerplate for easily dropping in form elements and creating Web forms using a simple structure and styling method.Formoid can be used to create any type of Web form, from simple contact forms, to boring login fields and up...

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Select2 4.0.0 / 4.0.1-rc.1 updated

Select2 allows developers to customize how drop-down select elements and optgroups are displayed on a page. It not only allows developers to use custom skins, but also modifies the way select elements are used as well. Select2 deeply alters how drop-down...


dhtmlxGrid 4.6 updated

It delivers excellent performance with large datasets.The component is easy-to-use and provides great flexibility due to its rich client-side API. dhtmlxGrid supports different datasources, including XML, JSON, CSV, JS array and HTML table. Since v1.6...

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Isotope 2.2.2 updated

As mentioned above, Isotope can be used for data filtering, sorting and dynamic layout shaping. These features can be used one at a time, or combined together to provide really dynamic, modern Web interfaces. Besides these three, Isotope also supports...