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aciSortable 1.8.0 updated

Using simple drag and drop actions, users can get hold of an element and move it around in a new position.aciSortable works with any HTML list structure, even with nested lists.The plugin is also style agnostic and comes with plenty of useful callback...


aCollapTable 1.0.4 updated

To use aCollapTable, developers will first need to add a hierarchy structure to their tables with the help of HTML data attributes.Once this done, based on the passed settings, special buttons will be added to the table which people can use to collapse ...

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Alertify 0.3.11 / 0.5.0rc1

Alertify can be used in showing dynamic messages to users on a Web page.It can function as a modal popup dialog boxes or via Growl-like notifications in the corner of a page.From alerts, to warnings, updated statuses and feedback, Alertify can be used to...

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anoFile 1.0

anoFile works by taking a user's file selection and immediately sending it to the server, while the user keeps filling his form onward.Once the file has been uploaded, a small indicator can be shown on the page, all via AJAX, without needing to reload the...