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yadcf 0.8.9 updated

yadcf stands for Yet Another DataTables Column Filter. DataTables is a jQuery plugin which provides extensive support for interactive HTML table. yadcf simply adds drop-down filters above desired columns or even outside the datagrid itself, which when...


DropKick 2.1.7 updated

The plugin automates some common setup tasks, needed for cross-browser customized drop-down select lists to work. It just lets the user add his own CSS and create the desired look for his drop-down.DropKick degrades gracefully in older browsers.DropKick...

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Tipr 2.0.1 updated

Tipr-based tooltips are extremely easy to setup and deploy, the plugin coming packed with an example to get developers going on their own implementations.To change the tooltips position (above, below the text), just modify some of the CSS...