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XenForo 1.5.5 updated

XenForo is written in PHP and allows webmasters to quickly install and publish their own discussions forum. It works and looks just like any other forum, only it's highly optimized for the modern, social and SEO-driven Web.What is new in this...


FUDforum 3.0.6

As normal, it comes with an easy to use admin panel for configuring the forum to the webmaster's needs.The forum also includes an interactive help package, which helps to familiarize users with the full potential of FUDforum, alongside a web-based...


phpBB 3.1.9 /3.2.0-RC1 updated

phpBB is considered one of the best open source forum scripts around, being mature enough to be used without problems in any project that might need a discussion board added to it. Created back in 2000, phpBB was at one point the absolute leader in forum...


NodeBB 1.0.3 updated

NodeBB can easily be used in any kind of online community building, supporting all the basic features someone might expect to find in a forum script.Features:Admin panel Organize discussion threads in categories Easy user management Responsive layouts...

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FluxBB 1.5.9 updated

It was written in PHP, supporting PHP4 and PHP5 and works with MySQL, MySQLi, PostgreSQL and SQLite.What is new in this release:Anti-spam addons Security fix Clickjacking attacks should now be prevented by modern browsers Direct links to certain actions...


bbPress 2.5.9 updated

In few words, bbPress is a forum plugin for WordPress. It can be installed just like any other WordPress plugin and it will add a fully-functional forum, integrated with both the WordPress frontend and backend. Webmasters can easily add and manage forums,...


MyBB 1.8.5 updated

MyBB provides a free alternative to all the great commercial forum scripts that might be just too expensive for some people.This forum package is certainly a top-level solution for building discussion boards, coming packed with lots of features and an...

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esoTalk 1.0.0g4

While a few years back phpBB was the best and most used forum around, this recently changed with Vanilla Forum, a small and innovative forum solution that has been getting all the attention recently.With Vanilla Forum and in some cases bbPress, vBulletin...

Beehive Forum

Beehive Forum 1.4.7 updated

Beehive Forum comes complete with lots of standard forum board features.This includes an installation wizard, admin panel, user profiles, and moderation tools.What is new in this release:This release fixes a XSS flaw in Beehive. What is new in version...