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AstroKML 1.0.2

AstroKML is a Python script that generates a KML file from Astronaught Photographs covering a user specified region.Note: this is a script, not a moduleInstallation:sudo easy_install astrokmlUsage:To load a region defined by a shapefile:  ...

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Emerillon 0.1.90

Emerillon is a map viewer application that features OpenStreetMap based maps: the street map, the cycling map and the transportation map. Use it to:* Browse maps,* Search the map for places,* Placemark places for later quick access.Emerillon is named...


Fimex 0.55.1

Fimex stands for File Interpolation, Manipulation and EXtraction and it's an open source and completely free command-line program implemented in C++ and designed from the ground up as a library for interacting with gridded geospatial data.It's...

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GeoAlchemy 0.7.2

GeoAlchemy is a SQLAlchemy extension that provides support for Geospatial data types at the ORM layer using SQLAlchemy. It aims to support spatial operations and relations specified by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).Installation:To install type as...



Geobaza is an app for determining location by IP address, developed and supported by CN-Software Ltd.Taking a certain IP address, Geobaza outputs its local registration data: a country and a city with geographic coordinates.Visit http://geobaza.ru/ for...