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TerraViewer 0.01a

TerraViewer is a program that downloads and displays USGS photos and maps.TerraViewer will download and display USGS maps and photos from terraserver-usa.com.It should be easy to use and useful. I have a list of ideas I'd like to implement (see below).I...

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RoadMap 1.2.1

RoadMap is an open source (GPL) program that provides a car navigation for Linux and UNIX. RoadMap project displays a map of the streets, tracks the position provided by a NMEA-compliant GPS receiver, identifies the street matching this GPS position and...


Geolog 0.96

Geolog is a Perl script that you can use to download all the information from the geocaching.com website about your own caches, your found caches and the ones you missed to find.That works even incremental. So after having downloaded initially everything,...

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MMap 0.0.10

MMap is a GTK2 map viewer. MMap project supports Blue Marble, Land Sat 7, Watchizu, SRTM. You can show a part of World Wind data with OpenGL 3D graphics.It supports (a part of) these maps:· Watchizu· Blue Marble· Land Sat 7· SRTM==...


SediCalc 0.9 Alpha

SediCalc is a set of several modules for sedimentological analysis.The modules included are:Atterberg- calculates settling times in differential settling analyses- calculates density and viscosity data for a variety of suspension media in dependance on...