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Chevereto 3.7.5 / 2.6.0 updated

Chevereto comes in two main branches, the 2.x branch which is open sourced for anyone to use and abuse in any way or form, and the 3.x series, a commercial version with more features and coded to work with more modern technologies. As a product, Chevereto...


OpenSeadragon 2.2.1 updated

OpenSeadragon is an image viewer that can adapt to any of your projects. By default it includes support for image zooming, drag-and-drop panning, auto-centering, and various buttons for controlling the widget. All of these can be turned on or off, based...


jQThumb 2.3.6 updated

jQThumb will give programmers an extra tool at their disposal when needing to display images as smaller thumbnails, but don't have the advantage of a server-side image processing toolkit, and CSS tricks won't work well in older browsers. This plugin...

Image to ASCII

Image to ASCII 3.0.3 updated

Image to ASCII is not limited to vector images or other type of format, working with any type of photo format supported by the GraphicsMagick toolkit. The module basically breaks down a photo into its main areas and then repaints them using ASCII...

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CSSgram 0.1.7 updated

CSSgram takes advantage of the latest advances in CSS3 image effects to reproduce the photo filters that users can apply to their pictures on Instagram. The entire library is under 1kb (gzipped) and should provide a simple solution to pimp out photos...

Image Cropper

Image Cropper 2.3.0 updated

With the help of a draggable and resizeable bounding box, the user can move around, adjust, and then select the area of a photo they want to cut out and use. The developer can control the ratio of the outputted image, along with the height and width...


Lychee 3.1.1 updated

Lychee is a modern photo management application, written for today's responsive Web. There are tens of PHP-based photo album scripts, but most of them are actually ancient when it comes to their codebase, created back in the day when Flickr, Facebook or...

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Piwigo 2.8.0 updated

Piwigo was previously known as PhpWebGallery (PWG) and is open source software. Installation Download the full archive and unzip it. Transfer the archive content on your web server with any FTP client. Once all files are transfered, go to the web address...


imgix.js 2.1.0 updated

imgix.js works by using imgix's API to perform a series of operations and modifications on your site's images. The library can be used primarily to help you deliver fluid, size and device-aware images to your users, but it also supports some other extra...