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HuePaint 1.0

Create beautiful digital works of art using the colorful tools Tie-Dye Brush, Hue Brush, Shaded Brush and Standard Brush. You will also find a powerful smudge tool that lets you blend and smoothen colors together, as well as an ordinary...

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iArt Pro

iArt Pro 2.3

Love using paint on your PC? Wish that something similar or better was available for Mac? Wish no more, iArt Pro is here at an unbelievable price. iArt Pro is an affordable app that brings the best of what you're used to, but to your Mac. Whether you're a...


Icefields 5.3

Icefields provides unmatched reproduction quality required by discriminating commercial printers and photographers. Choose from stochastic, hybrid and AM halftone screens. Use the preference to save settings you use for all your images. Insert data for a...

Icon Cast

Icon Cast 1.5.0 updated

Icon Cast offers over 1,500 beautiful icons for web designers, developers, UX designers or just about anyone who needs clear usable icons in few seconds. Icon Cast keeps you in the flow and gives you any icon in just few steps. Icon Cast enables you to...

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IconBuilder 8.5.3

IconBuilder Pro is a plug-in that takes advantage of Photoshop's editing, layering, and transparency functions to help you create icons for Mac and Windows. The QuickBuilder feature assembles all of an icon's resources with one click, allows you to view...


IconLab 1.1

IconLab is an Adobe Photoshop plug-in, that adds support for Mac OS X's native icon format to Adobe Photoshop. IconLab allows icons to be constructed with the full power of Photoshop, automatically flattening layers and resizing images to produce...