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Plug-in to create zigzag designs for Adobe (r) Illustrator (R) CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10 Zigzag comes with 60 basic types, 3000+ variants + features to create millions of variant zigzag designs and more). Simply drag and design Zigzag plug-in comes with a wide...

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GizmoAlpha 1.2.0

This program is a utility to create an alpha (ie to define transparent areas) of an image and create a mask as an image format. JPG and an image taking into account the transparency in PNG format. To do the job you have two kinds of tool: Various...


Synthimax 1.3.1

Synthimax is an image synthesis program that enables users to produce both static images and Quicktime movies. Includes 12 different image generators, 14 filters and user-definable color gradients for an infinite spectrum of possibilities.What is new in...