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MEGAsync 2.1.2 updated

MEGAsync (MEGA Sync Client) is a free software project that allows you to sync files hosted on a MEGA (mega.co.nz) account on your Linux box, and vice versa. It is the official sync client for the powerful MEGA free cloud storage provider.Features at...


GAdmin-SAMBA 0.3.4

GADMIN-SAMBA is an easy to use GTK+ frontend (GUI) for the SAMBA file and print server. It features multiple local and remote user and group imports, on the fly share creation and user handling, including randomization of usernames and passwords. PDF...


Deluge 1.3.15 updated

Deluge is an open source and cross-platform torrent downloader application, a full featured BitTorrent client for GNU/Linux, BSD, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It is entirely based on the ​libtorrent library The application is based on...

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XFileSharing Pro

XFileSharing Pro 2.3 updated

XFileSharing Pro is a cross-platform, professional and commercial software product that allows you to deploy a dedicated file sharing service in a shortest time as possible and with minimum effort. Features at a glance Key features include support for...


qBittorrent 3.3.16 / 3.4.0 Beta 2 updated

qBittorrent is an open source project that provides users with a capable BitTorrent client that comes loaded with all the modern functionality necessary for daily torrenting. The application is written around the Qt4 toolkit, using the...


Conexion 0.8

Conexi�n is a GTK tool that allows you to configure your bluetooth adapters and couple your computer with remote bluetooth devices in a graphical way. It is possible to change the name and the mode of operation of your bluetooth adapters. Conexi�n can...

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Throw 0.1-28-gd3ab

Throw is a simple Python utility designed to allow you to share a file, set of files or directory of files quickly and easily from the command-line.Usage:To send the file 'funny-picture.png' to 'steve@example.com', just do the following: throw --to...


Gtk-Gnutella 1.1.9 updated

As its name suggests, Gtk-Gnutella is a Gnutella client written in GTK+ for any GNU/Linux operating systems. It is an open source, efficient, fast, reliable and freely distributed graphical application that allows you to easily connect to a Gnutella...