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Wired Server

Wired Server 1.3.4

Wired is an open, modern and free version of the BBS-style client/server system, providing chat, messaging and file transfers. Wired Server is a Mac OS X version of the UNIX server, with an easy-to-use System Preferences panel.What is new in this...


Nomee 1.2

Nomee for Mac is an application that allows you to control what personal contact information you share and with whom. It provides your people their own always fresh, instant access to the me you want them to know. Nomee for Mac can organize, monitor,...

WWW Grabber

WWW Grabber 1.0.5

WWW Grabber is a program to grab images from a Web-Gallery or any other files that are linked from within a webpage. Unlike other media grabbers, WWW Grabber gives you full control on which files to download. With the full featured internal browser you...

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PubSearch 1.0

PubSearch is a fast, efficient search tool for scientists, medical professionals and students who rely on the ability to quickly access the millions of research papers indexed in PubMed. By combining a simple, efficient user interface with fast access to...


Skoot 3.0

Skoot lets you invite people to "workspaces" where you can trade large files without the hassle of email attachments or FTP. You don't have to deal with your email client at all, just drop files in a special folder using your Finder. If your recipients...


Aristo 1.0

Aristo is an easy to use download manager that will provide convenient and fast downloads on your Mac with its simple and user-friendly interface. Aristo will help you organize, schedule or limit your downloads according to your needs. Here are some...


iSoul 0.3.4

iSoul is an open-source Mac application for connecting to the Soulseek peer to peer network. Soulseek as a protocol support group chats, individual user chats, browsing of other users files, downloading, uploading, and anything else you might find in...

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Cabos 0.8.2

Cabos is Gnutella file sharing program based on LimeWire and Acquisition. It is free software. No spyware. No adware. Guaranteed.Cabos provides a simple sidebar interface, firewall to firewall transfers, proxy transfers, Universal Plug and Play, iTunes...



Wyzo is a new Web browser that focuses on optimizing your online media experience. Wyzo gives you easy access to all your favorite media sites, to make it easy to download media content and inform your friends about your discoveries. Wyzo integrates your...