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Pukka 1.8.5

Pukka is a fast, light, multi-account application for Delicious, Ma.gnolia, and other social bookmarking services that works with any browser and as an external editor in NetNewsWire, NewsFire, and Vienna. It also offers Spotlight searching support and...

P2P Posse

P2P Posse 2.0

P2P Posse is the file sharing network that has: Private Full SSL Encryption Windows, Mac & Linux Compatible Simple, Intermediate and Advanced User Authentication P2PBot Automatic Downloading Easy Setup Chat P2P Posse is the complete solution for file...

CL Desktop

CL Desktop 0.65

Setup just the right searches to find what your looking for, and save them for instant access anytime you need. More than a web site, CL Desktop is an application that runs on your desktop to bring you a better view of Craigslist...

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Open Search Server

Open Search Server 1.1.4r753

Open Search Server (OSS) is a search engine software developed under the GPL v3 open source licence. Built using the best open source technologies available, Open Search Server is a stable, high-performance piece of software. It is both a modern search...


myBlog 1.3

myBlog manages, publishes and uploads blogs to your web space. myBlog creates an RSS feed that accompanies the blog online for visitors to subscribe and be updated whenever new entries are added to the blog. An Inspector palette provides access to many...


Tweetie 1.2.8

conversations: Double click on a tweet to view not only that tweet, but the entire conversation history leading up to that tweet. Never lose track of a conversation again. compose: Independent compose windows stay out of your way until you need them....

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weaverBox 1.7.2

WeaverBox is a Rapidweaver plugin to quickly create professional drop boxes. With weaverBox your visitors can upload files to your site for you to retrieve at your leisure. Don't know what img0402001.jpg is? Visitors can write a quick note to their...

SafeCopy Backup

SafeCopy Backup 1.0 build 1399

SafeCopy Backup is offering our full featured service free for life in a 3GB account. Fast, secure and runs quietly in the background to keep your files safe. You can use a single account to backup all your Mac and Windows computers. Share large files and...